“Red Rose”

This piece is titled “Red Rose”, it was inspired by the saying ” beauty from ashes”. Considering where i picked the aluminum cans, from dirt in most cases, thrown away, discarded and forgotten. I was able to piece them together to make a rose flower. To show that there’s so much treasure, beauty, and life […]

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Akaraka series

Akaraka is an Igbo word for Destiny ( Igbo is in the South Eastern region of Nigeria). This piece is made from aluminum cans, used can drinks. I have many ways i collect the empty cans, from the ones we drink in the house, to the ones my friends gather for me at their houses, […]

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“What Happen?”

I started the newspaper project in 2011. I really didn’t prepare for it, like most of my works, its always intuitive. I’m fond of buying newspapers everyday, its a habit i took from home. Many times i never get to read them, but they kept piling up in my studio. Day after day they where […]

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Hello Dear!

I am happy you stopped by! That’s a huge encouragement. I had always wanted to blog, to share my little world with you, and hopefully we can get along together. I am primarily an environmental artist, and very passionate about that, we will get to find out! As an artist, i focus on using recyclable […]

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